movie - It's Tough Being a Man

Sayuri YOSHINAGA and crown of clover. Seiji MIYAGUCHI, from sword to pen. [movie] Tora-san’s Dear Old Home (Series 09)

Madonna of this work is Sayuri YOSHINAGA. Seiji MIYAGUCHI played her father role. Following Takashi SHIMURA of the p...
Aim For The Ace

[manga comic]”I’m not at all painful! It’s not at all painful!” Aim For The Ace! 02

Comics vol. 02 written by Sumika YAMAMOTO (Senior) Duty! What on earth are you doing? Look at thi...
Aim For The Ace

[manga comic] “Whether you win or lose, you never know unless you actually play the game.” Aim For The Ace! 01

Comics vol. 01 "The strict coach, Jin MUNAKATA." Written by Sumika YAMAMOTO New coach Jin MUNAKATA came to West H...
movie - It's Tough Being a Man

Thank you and Good-bye, Mr. Shin Morikawa. [movie]Tora-san’s Love Call(series-08)

Madonna = Junko IKEUCHI Guest Star = Takashi SHIMURA, Yoshio YOSHIDA, Mari OKAMOTO This work became the last “Tora...
movie - It's Tough Being a Man

[movie]Tora-san, the Good Samaritan (series-07)| Here comes Mr.Kunie TANAKA “From the North”

movie - JAPAN

[movie]Our Neighbor, Miss. Yae (1934) is a keynote work of Shochiku.

November 26 is the anniversary of actress Sanae TAKASUGI's death. TAKASUGI's movie debut is "Our Neighbor, Miss. Yae"...
Book - Japan

[book] Kinichi_Hagimoto “I Love Baseball”

"Oh yeah, you can beat if you are as it is now?" I said a word. And then he asked me with a surprised expression. "...
Romeo and Black Brothers

Romeo and Black Brothers 10-B-part – impressions

Tomorrow, November 10 is a children's literary writer Liza is Tetsner's birthday. Lisa Tetzner (10. November 1894 in...
Aim For The Ace

[manga comic]Aim For The Ace! – Sumika_Yamamoto “What a terrible girl!”

You can not understand. You guys, you can not understand. You are born better than girls, with strong ar...
Book - Japan

[book] Hayao Miyazaki, Takeshi Yoro “Ani eye and magnifying” Impression